from Practitioners

Best tutor

I would just like for you, Kiran, and all who created and shared in this technology to know that it has been the best tutor, and counselor, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical block extinguisher that I have experienced.  I am in dedication to the Divine Plan and feel that the CoRe and my experience utilizing it, will assist in all others that are also affecting the paradym shift in holistic consciousness for our beautiful planet's evolution into peace.  Thank you all for your abundant contribution to this effort that we are all participating in now.  Namaste,

Julie Payne


Back problem

I wanted to share with you about what happened when my back went out between my shoulder blades the other day.  I tried everything to get it back in place (exercises on the floor, Tru Back, etc).  I was ready to go to the chiropractor.  But instead, I decided to try the CoRe. I went into the Single Frequency program and checked off the boxes that read Backache, Muscles Relax, etc.  I used the Health Navigator for about 10 mins and I couldn't believe it, but my back relaxed and went back into place!  The next day it was a little sore, but by the third day it was much better!   

Sandy, Healthy E Living, LLC


Impressed with CoRe

Above all I want to tell you that I am really impressed with the CoRe system in the short time I have using it.  I have long experience with various equipment and I can tell you that it is better than Quantec, Mars III and other similar equipment I have used in the past.  I am surprised and hope to continue enhancing my experience.   I am really happy to have this technology.  Greetings,

Dr Wohl, Argentina


Breast Cancer

I want to share, with you and Kiran, about a wonderful result on a breast cancer with a recrudescence of the disease and a reduction of 50% of the tumor on the echographie for the doctor (who did made 3 echo- graphies  before concluding as he was so surprised). My patient says that for her it's a reduction of 80% but that the doctor had some difficulties to accept the Miracle!

This result came after 9 months of two treatments per month. Just with the help of a lot of Prayers + the Core system V6 + the Plasma generator + some supplements because she didn't want the surgery, the chemotherapy and the radiotherapy.

We were very happy in June for her medical results but we keep low profile because in France the official medicine doesn't want that others treatments can be used instead of theirs treatments for cancers.  

Usually I just help my patients in more than the treatments of the official medicine. It's the first time that a person refuse totally to be treated for cancer by the official medicine.  God and Kiran thank you for her !

Love,  Annonciade LE NABOUR, France


Spastic convulsions

Yesterday I have confirmation in one of those strange cases in medicine that were resolved by Inergetix-CoRe.    It is the case of a 2 year old girl who since 3 months old had spastic convulsions and fever.  CoRe indicated a potassium imbalance and problems with her  thyroid.   I confirmed this with a blood test.  I am thrilled because the girl is well now, no convulsions.  In addition to CoRe’s frequencies I added homeopathy and herbs. Thank you.   Dr. Adriàn Tirado Lugo, Mexico


Alcohol abuse

I wanted to inform you about the use of the BBR and Core system on the First nation community (use to be called Indians) I help on a voluntary basis.

I had two young men who have been wanting to quit alcohol for a long time. These guys have not gone one day without drinking for the past 8-10 years, they have tried many things to no avail. I treated them both using a combination of BBR, Core and establishing a trusting relationship with reassurance like: for sure you will soon lose the taste for alcohol and you will have control even to take a beer here and there and quit any time you want.


One young man told me he had a new mind 48 hours after the first treatment, he said he likes drinking during that hot summer but he limits himself to 2 beers and did not drink more than that for the past 3 weeks which is amazing. These guys never ever drink less than 12 beers a night.


The second one took longer and finally after one week and 3 treatments told me he lost the taste and the urge to drink. He feels bad and sad if he drinks more than 2 beers. He can enjoy that and quit satisfied whenever he wants. He was such a heavy drinker that I also had to give him the "delirium tremens" relational protocol as he was often getting dizzy. Now many, many young kids of the reserve have set appointments with me. The white sorcerer as they call me.  Thanks, 

Francois Masson, Canada.

Why we chose CoRe

I can only tell you that we (my husband Stephen) went into all the different 'machines' for a long time.  He's work is Instrumentation and Electrical so he looked at that aspect and I looked at what it could do for me as doing healing work.  The CoRe was the only machine that satisfied both of us.


Just as an example - it has all and more Rife frequencies on it.  Then you can add any frequencies of your own.  This is what I liked.  It is not a static machine that once you have it that is it.  Something like a car.  If you want other things eg airbags for all passengers you have to buy another model to get those additions.  The CoRe lets you expand and all the new things you learn or have tested out you can add to the data base.  Homeopaths love this CoRe as they can add all their 'remedies' to the already large Homeopathic data base.

I have the hand held electrodes so can let someone hold them for frequencies just like the Scio. 

This is just a little of what it can do.  Continually it is being updated and you download the updates so you are always updated.  There are also so many new additions that you can use - it all depends on what you do as to what extra applications you add on to your CoRe. 

Verna, South Africa


Flexibility of CoRe
The profession that I am in is Spiritual Healing and I teach the Spiritual Response Therapy Basic and Advanced.  Before that I was a Clinical Laboratory Scientist for 35 years. During that time I became interested in Complimemtary/Alternative methods.  Purchased an SE-5 about 1988 and worked with or studied subtle energies, I use dowsing in most of my work.  Was on the Radio for about a year was how I attracted most of my clients and thru word of mouth.

I love the Core in that most of the different modalities that I have studied can be put on a tray (still need to take time and do that).  The online training is great and sometimes I will go back to "How-to Basics as I always learn something new.

I must commend you and your staff for the help and support that you provide.

I had purchase some other systems and have never heard from them once the money is in their hands.  All of you are just great!! Much appreciation!  Nina.


How I use CoRe

I have researched the CoRe Inergetix, extensively, for years. It was popular in 2 countries when I first started considering purchasing it. It now is utilized and sold worldwide in many countries.

The reason is the inventor is in constant search to improve upon it's capabilities. It is more than a Biofeedback device.

The Health Navigator was recently approved by the US as a tool for: Pain Therapy, Wound Healing and Depression. This is a huge step for Holistic Medicine and Modalities.

 I have observed other clinicians have used both the Scenar and the CoRe. The CoRe seems to be there main bread and butter for its versatility of use.

 I, personally, have purchased the Health Navigator with attachments.  *Plasma Light Generator which worked well with Cancer Patients.

*Magnetic Mat worked well Nerve Pain and disorders, assists with increasing circulation.

*TENS is my personal favorite for Chronic Pain with muscle implications.


Attachments aside, I love the CoRe.  The Basic Unit is great for biofeedback and I have found it's correlations are always accurate.  It finds imbalances in the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual states and makes recommendations that are homeopathic. The information can be broadcasted long distance. The information that it collects can be imprinted into a substrate or substance like essential oils, herbs or bracelets, magnetic cards or bottle of water.


To give you specific information: My brother was diagnosed with Guillean Barre Syndrome. I brought him to my home as he could not walk more than a few steps at a time and his nervous system was chaotic and disrupting his BP, pulse and temperature.


The CoRe helped me know where to start as a base point. I imprinted homeopathic remedies while we worked on supporting his Blood with Herbal Tonics. The CoRe would identify where the imbalances were and made some recommendations. I used both the informational side and the Biofeedback components to help stimulate the nerves.  He has fully recovered and made great progress.  We still use the CoRe for maintenance tune-ups.


My husband and brother were working together and were having ego challenges with each other. The CoRe picked up conflict on the work front and recommended Homeopathic remedies to encourage Team-oriented behaviors.

My husband also had Lymphoma Cancer. That is the primary reason that I invested in the CoRe. I would use Essential Oils and imprint the remedies into small bottles and he would have foot massages. I would use the Biofeedback (sound) therapy to help him with insomnia and relaxation. He would be snoring in 3 minutes as I continued to balance out the organ and systems with the informational components.


I use the TENS, Biofeedback sound for chronic pain management and fibromyalgia.  I mainly use the CoRe for Pain Management and Stress Reduction. It is very helpful in guiding clients into becoming more aware of self-defeating behaviors and assists in assessing problem areas and creating a plan of care while enhancing the client interaction, therefore, promoting higher compliance and more positive outcomes.

Monica Flannery, RN,

Practical uses for CoRe

I am using the Inergetix-CoRe system which has been proved to be far superior to the Scio system.  About 18 months ago, my daughter in Johannesburg was interested in the BEST system and asked me to investigate.  Well after a lot of demos (BEST, SCIO, LIFE and others) and enquiries she eventually settled on the CoRe system.  Then just over a year later, after nearly being written off by our medical profession, I decided to retire from my manufacturing business and also imported a CoRe system for myself.


I have been using the Inergetix-CoRe system for just over six months with varying success on clients with problems like Nephrotic Syndrome, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Cluster Headaches and of course all the usual aches, pains and emotional hang-ups.  More than anything, I have been concentrating on the informational medicine than the energetic medicine as this can be done remotely.  This suits a lot of people who do not have the time to come in for the energetic treatments.

Paul R. Ezra, KP BioEnergetics, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Reliable findings

First of all, I REALLY REALLY enjoy Core... I am really amazed at how good are the findings, and also how reliable they are, and the User interface is great.... I am now reaching a more difficult stage though, as after the initial impression, I now have to understand how to use it for my own way of working…. 

Thierry C, California


A CoRe in every home

I agree with you about having one at home to use for family and friends. In fact, I think that one day it will be a household device like computers are, one in every home, to help with our health and so much more.

Remember, in addition to keeping your loved ones healthy, you can use it to gain insight into your own life and business whenever you are not sure what is going on or what choices to make. It is a very versatile system and the best part is that it is customizable. So you can create databases out of items, ideas and questions of your own and run them on the system to see which concept or choice is most resonant for your business, home or travel plans!

It can also be used to transmit information instantly to any part of the world, so no matter where your children are or your friend in need of help, in the world, you can check and see what they need and send them a treatment immediately, to help. The way the system is set up, you cannot go wrong even if you don't really know what the items that are resonant are for.

It has enriched my practice by allowing me to use more concepts and approaches than my limited brain capacity will allow me to work with.  

Ati, Canada


Business has improved

I've been getting great results from the HN & the Laeser.  My business has picked up since the CoRe!  Thanks so much!  Sandy, Healthy E Living, LLC

Why I chose CoRe

I have had some experience with the SE 5 but don't know Don personally. I do think the SE-5 is a good radionic device, but like all such devices, needs a stick plate of some connection or interface to the persons' mind. It does have some limitations.   I've looked into several different devices, and even built common radionic devices with 10 turn pots and stick plates, applying inductive signals into coils and sending into antennas. They all work, but have their limitations.

 The CoRe does not need such a connection, and also runs 30K passes of each item in the database it is analyzing. Plus the CoRe can be added to, has its own capability to upgrade to do real frequency application up to 2 Mhz, at 12 volt, through plasma lights, hi-freq, uv, magnetics, and actual electric stimulus, and sound. The SE-5 can't do that.

Just for some background, I also have experimented with tesla coils, Hi-Freq. violet rays, magnetic pulsers, TENS and TCENS devices, and light and sound mind machines. My latest toy is on order; a Shakti /Shiva headset system using magnetic coil brain stimulation to activate Amygdala and Hippocampus areas in a specific modality to create mystical experiences. And many differeing experiences can be activated with differing programs. Google the Koren Helmet or work by Dr Persinger in Canada. Pretty cool stuff. But this is just for grins and personal experimentation.

Anyway, I still feel the CoRe is head and shoulders above all other "Radionic" and Frequency Style machines. And it can be updated, modified, and other attachments added. It also has other software pieces that can be added, like NLP stuff or EMDR stuff. No one else adds things like that into such a device.    

Eddie LeBlanc synthesizes so much...

I have had the CoRe system for almost two years now, and think it is the most amazing balancing and analyzing system, and wouldn’t be without it for a day. It feels like an extension of my hands and that Kiran Schmidt made it especially for ME, since it synthesizes so much of my knowledge and is the perfect delivery system for catalyzing change and balance. I have since found that most people who use it feel the same personalized attachment to it, whether their modality is homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathic, herbalism, NLP or holistic counseling and a variety of things in between. It is a truly flexible and diverse tool.


I was also amazed to find that Reiki was one of the treatments the machine offered and I use that modality quite often in situations where I can’t ‘get my hands on’ due to busyness or opportunity. I will often deliver an overnight reiki treatment to a client who is in particular need, or even to myself if I have been burning the candle too hard, and I feel wonderfully refreshed the next day – usually after minimal sleep.   

Bonni, UK, Holistic Family Health

Swolen lymph nodes

I wanted to share with you a wonderful testimony.  I have a client that had swollen lymph nodes under her arms and around her breasts for over a year now.  Nothing seemed to help and she was in pain all the time.  I used the CoRe software along with the Health Navigator and did the frequency program with the hand electrodes and LED glasses.  She called me the other day to say that the swelling is gone and there's no more pain!  That's great news!  Just wanted to share that with you! 

Sandy, USA


I can use CoRe my way and personalize it to suit my style of practice. Priceless.
As a homeopath I use CoRe all the time and the flexibility it offers me is far better than the other devices that I have owned over the last 14 years, such as QXCI, LIFE systems and the SCIO. Each of them has its own style, and, except for the CoRe system, they all make you work the way the developer envisaged.   With CoRe I can use it my way and personalize it to suit my style of practice. Priceless.

Robert Davidson, UK

I love the system and in 2 1/2 years it never fails to amaze!
Caroline Gaskin, Homeopath, UK

Still the best energy-based medical device we know of.
Dr. Peter Liebscher,  UK

You have got a technology that's light years ahead of anything else that's out there.
Dr. Robert Stashko, Chiropractor, USA

CoRe better than Scio

We are very happy with the CoRe Inergetix system. I also have the Scio.  We also looked at other equipment before we bought and I think the CoRe is a better choice and for less money.  I like the fact that you can customize it to your own needs. It also works as a true biofeedback tool in addition to the bioresonance aspect.

Marla Wilson, USA

As a Life Coach..

I tend to use the CoRe as a Holistic Life Coaching tool, as it enables me to approach the client from the level that they are operating in, and together with the CoRe I am able to offer health solutions across a myriad of spectrums according to their personal needs. Sometimes I will hone in on Nutritional support, at other times the treatment will take on more of an emotional overtone as we determine what emotional patterns and processes may be driving illness and imbalance. Other specific issues will need frequency treatments – I once resolved a severe Wart problem in three 7 minute frequency treatments. After a month the severe warts on a child’s hand were gone, and have never come back,

Bonni S, UK


For agricultural use

When I use CoRe for plants and agriculture, I use it more or less in the same way as I would do analyzing and treating people. Sometimes I can even use some of the databases. But of course I do have also some specific databases. When I analyse or treat specific plants or a crop, I just use a photo and address to define the specific plant or crop. So I do not use any other kind of identifier. As you may or may not know: there has been done a lot of research in the field of agriculture and radionics. Not recently however. But there is a lot of information in the book Report on Radionics: The Science Which Can Cure Where Orthodox Medicine Fails by Edward W. Russell.  And what I found out: If there is something wrong with a farm, a crop or with animals, it is very helpful to analyze and treat the owner/farmer. 

Christ T, Netherlands

Glad I chose the CoRe system

Hi you -and all at CoRe. The web-site and all that you do in CoRe are absolutely impressive. All that reliable  information and explanation, not only about CoRe, but of many other systems and what they are and do. I'm also glad for all the scientific insight / explanation. Many thanks to Kiran for using all that time to explanation and do all in your (his) serious way. I'm very glad that I choose the CoRe-system to work with now and in the future. Something was guiding me, I'm sure. Keep on the good work! Best regards,

Oddvar Ludvigsen, Natural Therapist, Norway 

Gem elixirs tested

I have had the results of the gem elixir tests checked by our resident Vedic astrologer and he is amazed at the accuracy of the CoRe in picking up the primary elixirs for each individual (over 20 tested so far).

Jim Clarke, Meditation Retreat, USA

I wouldn't want to be without it

The CoRe Inergetix has made wonders for me and my patients. As I use it more, I am more surprised of what it can do. I wouldn't want to be without it. I would also like to participate in seminars but circumstances have not allowed me. I am very happy about using the system. I use it everyday both to analyze and treat, both distance treatment and in my clinic". 

Sigrun Arnadottir, Iceland


CoRe TECHNOLOGY is a ‘must’ for chronic or long-term problems. It is cutting edge diagnostic technology in the form of an easy to use computer programme. It helps identify the sources of toxicity, such as heavy metals or chemical residue in the system, that can impede the healing process and affect health and fertility. I am convinced it is the way forward for practitioners of today and for what tomorrow brings. Robert Davidson has created remedy trays for homeopathy that add hugely to it’s value. I don’t profess to understand the ‘how’ but marvel at its accuracy every day I use it."

Caroline Gaskin, Homeopath, England

I had an amazing experience with my own body

My name is Monica Nicou and I am from Sweden.  I am a classical homeopath.  I have been in contact with similar systems as CoRe, and I wanted to find one for myself, so I tried some of the existing systems in Sweden but there was something about it – I could not grasp it, it was not fully explained how it worked and I wanted to be online with what the actual philosophy and the thoughts about it were. 


So, I went to the internet and I found the CoRe homepage, and after that I was so fascinated, I went to London and I listened to Kiran Schmidt and I got everything I wanted as to his philosophical background and so on, which made me really sure that this was my system.  So I tried it on myself and the only thing I can say is that I had an amazing experience with my own body – so that was the first day, I woke at 4:00 in the morning and I tried it on myself and it was just amazing.  So I got like a sign from God that this is working.

Monica Nicou, Classical Homeopath, Sweden

​CoRe is a magnificent program and certainly one of the most powerful on the market. As every bit of its origins hinges on the informational realm, is it not then the time and the responsibility of its creators, to help its users to unlock it's true potential, that it can be utilized to the most beneficial way to heal our people, the way it was intended when it was created. Every day of my life bears testimony of CoRe being instrumental to helping people to ease there suffering and I am thankful for the opportunity to play a part in that. It has changed my life and touched those of others in more miraculous ways we can ever think, but there is still to little that we know.“

Paul van der Walt, South Africa


​​There is no doubt in my mind that CoRe is revolutionary in its ability to derive clinical results.

Steve, HMC, USA


Ear or Dental infection

One of my clients was a girl who indicated she had a terrible ear infection, extreme pain, and now in tears requesting I please take the time to treat her even though we were getting ready to leave for going out of the country for holiday. When she began crying uncontrollably, I told her I would do what I could. Well much to my surprise, in the inergetix part there seemed to be very little wrong with her ear, however the Inergetix indicated her problem was caused by tooth #22 or 23, honestly do not remember right now. So balanced the energies in her teeth, nerves and oral cavity, as her "ear pain" just vanished." I told her we were off to Argentina but if her problem resumed, to not go to and ENT, but to a dentist!   

David Sondergeld, USA

It's a quantum leap over the other device; it's like the icing on the cake.

Robert Turner, USA

Meditation Retreat

So far I have had great success with those I work with. They are all astonished at the accuracy of the system and at their experience from the energetic treatments as well. Most of my clients have been with me when we used another device and they all notice the improvement from the energetic treatments. I have also had good results from distance treatments.

Jim Clarke, Meditation Retreat, USA


Biofield coherence

CoRe has become my life and I am enjoying it so very much.  Wonderful things happen when the Bio-Field  becomes coherent.  CoRe does this job beautifully and quickly.  I used to spend hours trying to find the right combinations of frequencies to bring about coherence in the BioField.  Now, CoRe does the job for me.  

Sandra Badeaux, Medical Intuitive, USA

Finally got something different and better

I am a new user, and I have been with my Core Ingtx for about 45 days, I think It is a very complete system, I have practiced with Quantum, SCXIO, Quantec, and finally I got something different and better.  My results are about 90% of success, during this days I have tested about 28 persons, 10 dogs, 1 cat, 2 homes, it is impossible to beleive unless you see it, that is the opinion of the mayority of my clients.

About HOW TO MANAGE CLIENTS SESSIONS: I take at least 1 1/2 hour for new patients, and about 45 minutes for second and following visits.  Mostly of my clients feel a full relax after the first visit, you can see as a new energy runs in the patient.

Usually I see he patient for a second visit in a week, (6 broadcasts), I check all the anterior visit, ask how he/she feels, and I make a new test. The CORE INGTX helps me to understand the disbalance of the internal energy of my patient, shows me what are their needs or their excesses, and then, how to handle their food, supplements, affirmations, etc.  

About other Systems, clients that have use other systems, they feel more friendly and relax after analized with CORE INERGETIX, about me, as a practioner, I feel more comfortable using my Core.

Jose Figueroa, Spain

from Clients

Relaxation, better physical condition

There seem to be some rather remarkable changes in my body; the skeletal system has "loosened up", shoulder pain has decreased, general physical condition feels better.  I am very interested in seeing what happens next!  Enjoy your snow.  Thank you, 

Dan, USA


Mobility much improved

I just had to touch base with you about Kevin.  Last week when we did the demo he could barely move.............his legs were so "full".  Last night you should have seen him cruisin' around the house................he was so happy he can walk almost normally now!!!  In only a week's time!  It's mind boggling! THANK YOU!  I can't wait to help others with the CoRe!!!   You had mentioned to take a week off from wheat.............he did do that.

Can he add some back in do you think at this point?  Have a great weekend!  Blessings,

Beth, USA


I felt fantastic!

I so enjoyed working with you as well!!!  You are so helpful!  And so greatly appreciate this explanation!  Makes sense to me!  I can't wait to get started!  The funny thing, last night I was already wondering what was going on with ME!  I felt so different.........then I get this e-mail!  I feel FANTASTIC!  So THANK YOU for balancing me!  I haven't felt this good in a while!  WOW!  IMPRESSIVE!  Blessings, Beth, USA

Observations after a demo

that was really interesting....

I was a bit stuck with making sense of the Relationship stuff and then it all started to make perfect sense - it was /is mostly about my relationship to MONEY and work. My wife and I are involved in some intense, mutual work on our money issues. The the low self-esteem came in there - I think I should be earning more. And the "embarrasment" about it was spot on. Some of the other relationship issues, such as competition stress and future visions etc - I felt were not about my racing (first thought), but apply directly to my work situation.

I can totally see why this element would be picked up, as it causes a high level of background stress that kicks off the physical "downs".

I resonated VERY strongly with the colors (black and red) - I have a screen capture. "Coincidentally" very similar to the colors worn by the Masai and other Kenyans, from whom I am drawing a lot of my running inspiration.


The focus on liver and gall bladder - again probably spot on. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago which told me to support my liver and that there was a possible infection going on. Several of the remedies were also for skin and inflammation, which also fits. Biotin is a co-factor for the liver/GB to handle fat, is known to often be low in athletes and has also come up recently in connection with carnitine, which is a supplement for the heart and energy I take (from a running/performance enhancement point of view). Biotin is needed for carnitine absorption:

"Why Add Biotin to Carnitine?

While carnitine supports fat burning, it can also stimulate gluconeogenesis,34 which is the liver’s over-production of sugar. Biotin helps suppress gluconeogenesis,35 thus helping to optimize the metabolic effect of carnitine. Therefore, when using carnitine to support fatty acid oxidation, we strongly recommend taking 1 mg of biotin for every 500 mg of carnitine to keep gluconeogenesis and insulin metabolism balanced."

Testosterone came up. It is often low in distance runners. I test mine regularly and last time it was low-normal, so I'm not at all surprised that this needed balancing.

RNA - I usually take a supplement, but have left it out recently - it is something I know I need for proper repair/regeneration of muscle tissue. So again, I was not surprised to see it come up.

 C4 vertebra - the last few days I have had a terrible pain in the neck which I have successfully released with a lot of work. I have also had a few hours of hay fever, which I don't usually get - the system linked C4 with that.

Milk allergy is accurate - well, an intolerance anyway.


Adrenals low - yes accurate; two hard training sessions in a row, one this morning, and only 4 hours sleep last night :)


The possible pathogens were fascinating. It said Borrelia crocidurae - I'm familiar with Borellia in general, as one of the species is associated with Lyme disease, which of course is well-known as a cause of chronic fatigue. The Net says B.croc is supposed to be only a problem in West Africa; who knows? The other, fungal one, is a common plant pathogen and can cause eye infections in humans. The mycobacteria one is also pretty nasty and from the description might well be the one that caused the night-time cough (and is still in there) The info says on the Net that it is rare infection and only gets in where there is an element of immune suppression - think hard training, then a Transatlantic flight, then a week of high-stress work exposed to large numbers of people.


I felt a little light-headed when some of the treatments were going on. The biofeedback sound (?) - well, whatever the sound was coming out of my speakers felt very effective on some level.


On an emotional level, I found myself surprisingly resistant to some of the findings. At first I was thinking "this makes no sense at all", then as you kept going with it, it began to dawn on me what it/you were telling me.


I know the brain has a built in "search for meaning" function, so I was a little wary of trying to make left-brain sense of everything; to balance that out, there was a fair amount of material that I can't yet find any obvious conscious connection with - like the flower essences. I love the pictures though :)


Thank you so much for the demo. It was impressive and I realize you could have gone much deeper given more time. I'll let you know what happens over the next week or so.


Best wishes, Simon.

My life is unfolding…

In just the relatively small amount that I have used the CoRe I have been blown away with the accuracy of evaluations and the results that are achieved. From what I have seen with the CoRe I know that it is sourcing Truth and therefore it is always right. I do not doubt those things that come up that appear not to make sense as I am only operating from my limited brain source, and largely left-brain at that. With just a few sessions on myself, it's like my life is unfolding. I feel like I was a tightly closed rosebud (loaded with potential) and now my petals are beginning to open as I grow in the experience of my life and who I am. I also see the multitude of longterm health issues I have had beginning to evaporate. And this is just the beginning......!  Thank you, Karyn Burge



So many facets addressed…

Thank you SO much for the great Demo today... It was most impressive and fascinating! I had no idea that so many facets could be addressed from one medium.....I work purely with my hands and have to rely on others for homeopathic, naturopathic, herbal remedies..... To think that it could all be combined like this is amazing! Thank you again!

Judy, Texas


Almost immediate relief…
I have experienced some marvelous effects when you broadcast remedies on the informational level with CoRe, and in the majority of cases the relief or action of the remedies were almost immediately. 

Paul, South Africa.


I could feel the distant healing on my knee…

Thanks again for the demo, it was great. All of the issues that came up made so much sense to me. I could definitely feel the distant healing on my knee, .I could feel stuff going on in actual parts within my knee.   I was feeling really good as well as peaceful after the session. Attached is a picture of me if you would like to have it for future demos, I think the just the demo did me a world of good. I'm thinking how good I can do for other people if I was to get one.  My goal is to see about how I can get one and do the training course as soon as I am able to.   Also., I was making screen captures of all of the results from the session. It is great to go through it all again and digest the info. Im feeling on top of the world right now! Usually Im the opposite. : )  Thanks again,  

Tim, Australia

Pain in right knee diminished

Thank you very much for a great demo and for choosing my husband. To that end, I am happy to tell you that the pain in his right knee has significantly diminished although he still feels very slight pain. Considering that there are so many issues with him and that this was done during the demo I think that the system is marvelous. I am very grateful for that.

Alina, USA

“I was really surprised to find that I slept incredibly well for the 4 nights after we had the 'balancing session' on Skype. I awoke the following morning with a beautifully subtle feeling of a deep and rewarding nights' sleep. I am keen to talk with you about how these treatments can benefit me in the long term. I am already very keen for another balancing session.”



Dental infection

I'm having a dental problem; a dental infection so I'm running the frequencies for dental infections.  When I first started running the programs this morning I could feel the dental infection frequency vibrating the tooth.  I will run the programs for ten days which is the same length of time that antibiotics are given.  Hoping it will kill the infection.  The tooth that's involved is part of a bridge.  If I have to have it redone it's gonna be expensive.  CoRe may pay for itself with this one problem. (smile)  

Sandra B, USA


Weeks later....

I came across this old e-mail about my abscessed tooth.  I have not had any more problems with the tooth.  It was horribly infected.  Just with this one health issue, CoRe has paid for itself.  Just thought you would like to know. 

Sandra B, USA


Affirmation to help before death

I had the privilege of treating a girlfriend who died of cancer on Tuesday night – about 30 minutes before she died, the affirmation that she got was incredible –  “My Higher self now frees me of the people, places and things that I am attached to from the past and present. My higher self will manifest in my life these true desires it has for me” and “I release my family to you, O Lord. I let go and trust in your decision.’  I feel so blessed to be working with the Core Inergetix. Thank you.

 Bonni Southey, UK

Cat's upper respiratory infection

I have already seen the benefits the CoRe can produce in that my poor kitty's upper respiratory congestion was cleared, overnight....she just couldn't get any air through her nose....  Poor little thing would come sit in front of me and blow and if to say,  "Mom,...I am so miserable...Can't you do something to help me?"  

She still has a tiny cough left...but no more blowing and sniffing... thanks to CoRe intervention....and the power of suggestion wasn't even a possibility for Kozy.  She has no idea what that pretty, gold collar around her neck is for  :)

Sally, USA


I have more energy and am more relaxed

I was looking at the results from the test this is amazing.  I have lots more energy and more relaxed for sure.  I really can notice what you did for me and i have had a lot of work done in the last couple of years but nothing can compare to this work with the co-re system.  I work with the bicom and i like it but feel that you really need this system to find the problems.  I am looking into getting this system right away for myself.  I really can't get over the difference in my health it is amazing.  I really feel i can follow it when i get into this system with training.  It is just what i have been looking for and found it.“

Corinne, Canada


There is something much more harmonious and balanced in my system and I am slightly less weak.  More positiveness and optimism.

John Esam, Parkinson’s Patient, USA

Stomach pains

I have been very unwell all last week and I was able to work just one day. But due to this experience I had the opportunity to verify the core system on my own skin so to say. I had incredible pains in my stomach and I was not even able to stand. The next day I had to take an exam. I received a CoRe analysis and treatment. Results pointed to a severe muscular skeletal imbalance and also pointed to my duodena. I had balancing done on me intensively and I felt much better. I was able to take and pass my exam. After that I had an appointment with a Shiatsu therapist. The very first things that he told me during consultation were almost exactly what the core system discovered. Another thing that came in several readings for me was to use core system more. I am writing this to you because I find all this things wondrous and miraculous.

Laura Mitchell, Teacher, USA


I am enjoying my CoRe sooo much and am getting fantastic results. I have been very sick (Fibromyalgia) and experiencing horrible pain that nothing would alleviate.   My Fibromyalgia symptoms had gotten so much worse the past few months. I thought I was destined to be bedridden again as I was in the 1980's. 


When I worked on myself with the CoRe System, my pain was eradicated, my energy level improved dramatically, and my head tremors have stopped after experiencing them for the past two years. I saw a neurologist last year for the tremors and his diagnosis was benign tremor & he said nothing could be done about it. 


My program was delivered last Friday afternoon.  After studying the tutorial for a couple days I was ready to work on myself.  I was in horrible debilitating pain when I was studying the tutorial. 


As you know, I am so energy sensitive that I can feel the energy patterns of diseases in everyone's aura.  I cannot feel (with my hands) the patterns of energies in my own auric field but I can experience the energies that are being broadcast to me. 


Knowing that Fibromyalgia is a neurological problem,  I logged onto Intergetics and selected the Brain.   I stimulated each and every area to feel the broadcasted energies within distinctive areas of my brain.  I was able to discern how & where each of those settings affected my brain.  Using that as a guide, I was able to stop the Fibromyalgia symptoms; pain, tremors, fatigue, everything.


I have had Fibromyalgia since an auto accident in 1983.  My Rheumatologist said I was one of the worst cases of Fibromyalgia he had ever seen. 


Now, with CoRe, I don't have to be sick anymore.  Thank you so much. 

Sandra Badeaux, Medical Intuitive, USA


I imprinted my acupuncture formulas and take them three times a day.  I  also stimulate areas of my brain every morning & have done so once daily for  the last five days.

Broadcasting the correct information to my brain instantly stopped terrible, terrible Fibromyalgia pain this past Monday evening. I also take my imprinted remedies (the acupuncture program which I developed for myself).

It has been my experience, as a medical intuitive, that the imprinted frequencies of acupuncture data are usually much more effective if they are imprinted into a remedy. The potency can be varied which becomes an added bonus.  There are many people today who suffer what I refer to in my book as a Degenerative Field.  They require more potency than others.

The imprinted frequencies create a "template for wellness" which is far superior to broadcasting alone.  I have been able to determine this to be true because of the empirical data which I have gathered working with acupuncturists, homeopathic doctors, and many willing subjects.

For my own program, I made a listing of the areas of my brain which my prescription drug has always affected. For over twenty two years, I have been able to actually feel the medicine working in certain areas of my brain.  That's why I broadcasted those areas to myself.

I can feel the broadcasted frequencies stimulate the identical brain terrain which my medicine stimulates.  My program of imprinted acupuncture with the broadcasting of brain frequencies is alleviating the pain and stiffness of my illness.

I reevaluate broadcasts every morning and balance my brain terrain suggested by CoRe plus some of the brain areas which I choose even if it is a low number.  Sometimes those low numbers are important.  It's working.  Thank God.  I couldn't have gone on much longer in that debilitating condition. My Rheumatologist told me that I was one of the worst Fibromyalgia cases he had ever seen.

As of September 10th, I take the generic form of my medicine because the manufacturer has discontinued it; citing it was no longer cost effective to produce it.

I saw my Rheumatologist on August 22nd because of the medicine change.  He was hoping that the generic drug would work for me because it is in the same family of drugs (tricyclics).  I had tried the generic drug 16 years ago. It did not work years ago so I was apprehensive.  I told my Rheumatologist I thought the generic drug would work this time because of the extra help of CoRe.  He said, "Oh, you're going to have your own arsenal." He seemed quite excited about it.  I will phone him soon to tell him the good news.

When I received my CoRe System, I balanced my meridians & thought it would be enough but September 11th, I woke up with terrible pain.  The pain continued into Monday evening.  I went to bed about 10:00 p.m. but couldn't sleep the pain was so severe.  I got up and started broadcasting brain frequencies.  Instantly, the pain was alleviated.

For the past two nights about an hour after taking my medicine I have felt very drugged. This is a sign to me that I can cut back on the medicine. That is a miracle!!!  Instead of 200 mg at bedtime tonight, I will take 150 mg. I wonder if I will be able to discontinue the drug in a few months.  It would be wonderful.
I am so grateful to have this wonderful program and wonderful people like you to help me.  Blessings.

Sandra Badeaux, Medical Intuitive, USA

Good results after testing

I wanted to let you know what happened at my follow up appointment last week after my radiation.  I completed radiation on October 26th and had my follow up MRI on Tuesday, November 20th.  My Oncologist told us the scans look good and the tumor had already shrunk.  Sam asked if this is what he had expected to see and he said no, it is actually much better that what he expected to see.  He had expected the tumor not to grow anymore but certainly not to shrink so significantly in such a short period of time.  We were so excited and I am so glad I was able to see you so many times while I was in Houston.  I know you made the difference.  Thank you for caring so much.  Thanks again for everything"

Kristi, USA 


Sleep issues and sugar cravings

I wanted to let you know, since our session I've had changes.  My concerns were my lack of sleep and my sugar cravings.  Well, for 8 days straight I did not crave sugar.  My diet was really healthy and my metabolism showed instant appreciation.  Unfortunately, the sleep did not change (which was really more of a concern than the sugar).  After 8 days I realized that the sugar cravings were back, but I also realized that I had started sleeping continuously for several hours through the night.  Seeing first hand results like this gives me a lot of faith in your system.  I will be in touch... thank you for all of your support thus far.  

Amber K, England


I must add my husband has taken over my system :) he was doing his own balancing last night to the point I had to almost forcibly send him to bed. He said he could tell I had done something on him the day before because his body had reacted differently the next day. Then last night when he was doing his own Inergetix balancing he felt a tingling up both his left and right ankles. He is quite interested now to learn more as am I. Thank you very much and the designers and developers of CoRe. I look forward to using this tool to the fullest.

Lucy, California


Free of back pain

Just wanted to mention I have so far now had two complete uninterrupted days free of back pain and very minor lower back pain today. It has been 17 years of varied back pain moving from low to extreme pain. This has been the most pleasant of time for me.

Lucy, California



I felt great after the treatment.  The feeling of well-being lasted a week after just one treatment.  It was a great experience.                                                                                Nicole, Massage Therapist, USA

I was in a car accident (the whole back of the car has to be replaced.) The good news is that with daily CoRe treatments, I have made a full recovery from lower back pain which was interfering with my walking. I am grateful and impressed.                       

Jackie T, USA


The CoRe user you referred me to is wonderful, we had our initial consultation last Saturday with a follow up this past Monday. The work she has done so far has been powerful and right on target. The broadcast literally almost knocked me over.  I am looking forward to working with her more. I can’t thank you enough for the recommendation. 

Steve A, USA


Vertigo and nausea

My sister had a sudden attack of vertigo and nausea when she walked in my door. I put her on the CoRe and ran the frequencies that relate to vertigo etc and than ran the programs related to the inner ear and spinal nerves etc. She sat in the other room having a vomit and I kept running the broadcasts on her main issues and she was almost normal in about two and a half hours. I ran this on the short term/acute option.

Also I treated a client the other day who was just feeling out of sorts and was angry with her ex-husband for refusing to pay the recommended amount for the kids. 'Blame' came up in the negative response area and she reflected that everyone always blamed her for leaving the marriage - and that she had married a version of her father who always tried to shift the blame to her.  I saw this client a couple of days later and she said that she felt different - not disturbed anymore - and then she added that she thought the CoRe was stronger working than the QX - and this client was very devoted to the QX.

Toni Fisher, Naturopath, Australia


It changed my life ..

When I first encountered the CoRe System I received a 45 min. analysis  and a small treatment but it changed my life. It has not only successfully pinpointed where I was off balance (had been for years) but also treated it.  I helped by getting the actual homeopathic remedies and took them for 3 weeks.  The analysis stated that I was so to say paralyzed by fear due to a chemical imbalance.  However, it did not at all feel like fear to me.  It seemed more like god rational or logic. Now I am no longer paralyzed by fear disguised in good logic.

Ilonka Barba, Hypnotherapy, CST, Reiki, Energy, Holistic Health Practitioner, USA


Hot and cold flashes

After only one treatment my hot and cold flashes stopped and I felt much better.  I feel better every day (being on Subspace) and totally believe in this.  I tell all my friend that they must experience.                                             Susan H.


The sadness and anxiety is gone and I feel so much better.  I would definitely recommend it to everyone.  Debbi B.


So far it was great with the CoRe system but now it even found out about some emotional issues I did not really want to talk about.  And..... it was fixed.  I am very thank full.    

Yolanda S.


Gizmo is running again

My 16 year old dog who has been walking the whole length of the beach behind me when going for a walk.  Now look at him after a few treatments. (running)              Gizmo (the dog)


Katerina the cat and I

I wanted to let you know how Katerina (cat) did with the treatment. Well, actually, how Katerina and I did with the treatment:-) Soon after we finished the demo, I noticed I was feeling a bit off, almost depressed, which is unusual for me these days. Katerina seemed fine, just napping away. About 9pm, I realized I felt too "off" to do anything more, so decided to lay down on the couch with Katerina.

The next thing I knew it was 2am. I rarely fall asleep on the couch, certainly not as early as 9pm. When I awoke at 2am, Katerina was very perky and hungry. I fed her and got ready for bed. In the meantime, and for the rest of the night, she raced and played all over the house, like she used to do years ago (she's nearly 18 years old). It was hard for me to sleep with all that going on :-) but I felt so rested from the time on the couch that it didn't bother me, and I was happy for her playfulness and obvious excitement.

Katerina seems more alert and "there" and more interested in her surroundings. She doesn't feel like a sick cat to me, at least today. I got up easily this morning and had great energy all day. Clearly there was a positive effect of the CORE system, for both of us. Thank you, Sonia. It was very educational, helpful, and a pleasure as well.
Julie Di Joseph, WA

I went to the Dentist yesterday and asked him to look at tooth #19. I had mentioned the CoRe to him yesterday, and he was surprised because he found the tooth to be cracked and in need of attention!!  That will cost me $600.00 to $900.00 but what's it doing to my health?  So Thank You very much!    

D. Ensign, SA