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Thank you for the very enlightening, fascinating, and healing journey today (CoRe demo). Thank you for your patience and kindness. I'm sending loving energy your way with gratitude and thankfulness.

Regards, Nancy Post


Thanks for today's training! Inergetix is doing SO much. Your training and support is just fantastic. Sonia is wonderful - always very helpful and efficient. I don't know how she does so much - and so well.  

Karyn Burge, Australia


I think the system is marvelous

Thank you very much for a great demo and for choosing Jaroslav. To that end, I am happy to tell you that the pain in his right knee has significantly diminished although he still  feels very slight pain. Considering that there are so many issues with Jaroslav and that this was done during the demo I think that the system is marvelous. I am very grateful for that. Thank you, Alina, USA


Thank you for today's training session.  I enjoyed it very much.  You are a tremendous asset to CoRe.  In closing, I want to thank you for your sweet spirit.  Gentle day,

Sandra, USA


Hi Sonia,   thanks that's very nice...I know that many things evolve for the company continuously...that impression is easily perceived! One knows easily that you work very hard and are completely dedicated to your job.  One thing I can say positively is that I am enjoying greater resonance in my sessions as a result of using a photo for the client, really seems to tune the client to the system and vice-versa!  Peace, Kavi, USA


Thanks again for a great session. Thank you for all you do.  Terry Banfield, South Africa


Jennifer and I want to thank you for your kindness and thorough presentation of the CoRe.  Thanks also for sending the great report.  I really like the graphic interface of the CoRe vs the Zyto.   Once again I thank you for your time and expertise with the CoRe.  I know what we did in your office was a lengthy, but quick look at a super wide variety of things in my complex health challenges. Probably any clinician using the Core could have taken my assessment down a number of different or even more in depth dimensions we did not have time to cover.  Just trying to get a sense of the breadth and depth of the possibilities with the Core.   My Zyto readout was by a Ph.D nutritionist, but had similar, though seemingly more detailed findings.  Of course the Zyto doesn't offer the energetic and informational balancing available on the CoRe... I'll give you a call tomorrow, though I am feeling good, though a bit "pushed" healing crisis wise (I definitely know things are changing and shifting on multiple levels tonight. Blessings, Brian and Jennifer, USA


You have created the most advanced system which has dramatically improved my life on so many levels. I greatly appreciate everything you are doing. It's a joy to see you on your travels, sharing the love with people all over the world. I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Sonia J. She is a great credit to Inergetix. 

John Cook, NY, USA


I really enjoyed the training last night. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of CORE with regard to its treatment function, which up until now I haven’t really been using. I would love to join some more training sessions in the future. I feel I am only just scratching the surface with this exciting system. 

Lucy Kirkpatrick, UK


First I want to thank you for the very good lesson you gave us today. I feel I learnt so much today! Many things made more sense this time and my understanding and differentiation of the the 'buttons' is better now.  I realize I was doing things in a wrong way, but this is the best way to learn so I don't mind.  So Many many thanks again. 

Rachel H, UK


Hi Sonia, I was really surprised to find that I slept incredibly well for the 4 nights after we had the 'balancing session' on Skype. I awoke the following morning with a beautifully subtle feeling of a deep and rewarding nights' sleep. I am keen to talk with you about how these treatments can benefit me in the long term. I am already very keen for another balancing session.

Tim, Thailand


The session was great last week. I really learned a lot and I'm looking forward to Tuesday.

Pam, USA


Thank you for all the information you sent! Thank you also for the offer regarding networking - I will be taking this offer up in the very near future.  I have to also thank you for a fabulous training session today!  It was full of really good information and it was easy to understand.

Kathleen Fernandez, Australia


Very impressive! I enjoyed talking with you and appreciate all of the information you provided - at multiple levels! 

Rae, USA


You are a star Sonia – thank you!! 

Bonni Southey, UK


Extremely helpful

I very much enjoy working with Sonia at this stage as she was extremely helpful and quick in her responses to all of my questions. I was looking into buying either a SCIO or Quantec device and when I searched for comparisons between the two, your website ad came up and I was very pleasantly surprised to discover your product.

Stian de Jager, South Africa


Excellent customer service

The customer service I have so far received was excellent from all of you guys and I'm sure that I will be getting to know all of you better in the near future, maybe through the online training or something. …. Sonia’s excellence in service with quick and accurate responses to my email questions have proven very valuable to me. Also, her background of vocational counseling and natural health coincides with the background of my wife who wants to learn how to implement energy-medicine in her field.    

Stian de Jager, South Africa


So many facets addressed with one medium

Sonia, Thank you SO much for the great Demo today... It was most impressive and fascinating! I had no idea that so many facets could be addressed from one medium.....I work purely with my hands and have to rely on others for homeopathic, naturopathic, herbal remedies..... To think that it could all be combined like this is amazing! Thank you again!   

Judy, Texas 


Truly a wonderful experience to have shared this...many thanks and blessings to you! 

Sonya G, Texas


Thank you for the wonderful demonstration tonight on the CoRe System!  You are very expert at using this machine. Wow!  I admire your knowledge and expertise.  Thanks, again.  You’re terrific.   Yes, you may use my comments.  I’m happy to help.  YOU have an amazing talent using this machine!  

Louise, Texas


Absolutely fascinating!  What a gift you are bringing to the Universe.  It makes me want to participate.  Blessings. 

MJ Maday, Texas


Thanks for the demo last night which was very revealing. The system looks fantastic and Lynne and I will be looking into how we can incorporate this into our current business model.  Thanks again for the time you put in.   

Richard Pikington, UK


Thank you for the one-on-one training! You were great. I cannot wait for the next session!  

Angel Marlow, Texas


That's great training info, Sonia!  The training guide was a real help this weekend... introduced the system to 3 new practitioners in my town.  They were blown away! 

Chris, Pennsylvania


You have been very helpful, sincere and forthcoming.  I must say that CoRe Inergetix is definitely above all the rest in terms of customer service and very generous with time and information.  I feel like you guys really care about your product whereas I feel like the others are just trying to make a sale.

Susana Pereira, USA


I placed my order for Level 1 earlier today.  Thank you for all of your help while I was comparing products and making my decision.  Your customer service is excellent! 

Eric Lowe, USA


I appreciate all your assistance throughout my research of different software available for my new career venture.  A bit thank you to Sonia for her grace, patience and dedication to your company and what you offer.  She helped me greatly to finally take the step and make the decision

Christina Lorraine, USA


Thank you for your response.  You do help me a lot.  Yes, I received the training tools and guide.  Tim Kuan, USA


Thank you for the teaching yesterday. Both Anne-Lise and I felt we learned a lot. 

Frode Steinset, Norway


All working fine thanks.  Can I just say how very impressed I am with your customer service. It is a pleasure to work with someone like yourself and it was a major factor in deciding to upgrade.  Thanks for all your help.  Cheers,

Robert Reid, UK


Simple but effective

Just to say that I enjoyed your last training session, as always it was simple but effective. I like your approach very much and the explanation on why your chose a particular screen and a particular group is very interesting. I am learning a lot from the sessions.   


You told us to write and tell you what we would like the training session to focus on. I am particularly interested in how to create new screens and new groups (customizing), I am a visual person and it is always easier for me to understand if I see it how it is done. 

Amparo, UK


Interesting and well presented

I have been watching your recorded session dated 20 Jan 2011 and I wanted to convey to you that it was very interesting and very well presented.  The session was simple yet excellent and I gained a lot of inside on how to use the CoRe, especially as I am  a new user.


You started the presentation by showing a document entitled “Understanding the Informational Realm -Analogies” which included “Results”, “Negative Values in Results”, etc.  Where can I find it?  Best wishes,

Amparo, UK 


You were very patient and helpful in explaining everything and I really appreciate this summary.  I am printing out my report and will try to share this with my friend in Mexico.  I hope that my sale goes through because it would be marvelous to have this as a part of what I can offer clients, trusting I develop my healing practice.  I will seek out information on the developer and continue to educate myself on the various components. Thank you again for all of your time and information, explanations and most of all interest!  All the best, 

Carol, Canada

Tu sistema es lo mas avanzado..

Creo que ya te manifesté mi opinión sobre vuestro sistema, lo cual repito ahora: Creo que es lo más avanzado que hay en materia de salud y marca lo que será sin duda el futuro más o menos próximo de una salud para todos. 
… Añado que desde hace 2 años me ha tratado un naturópata que sigue la Terapia de la Dra. Hulda Clark, con gran satisfacción por mi parte y que por tanto tengo en un gran concepto (uso el zapper a diario y creo que me va muy bien).
 Sin embargo pienso que CoreSystem es.............más moderno, más cómodo de aplicar y más globalizador. Debido a mi vida laboral de cambio contínuo de residencia, me interesan en principio protocolos y terapías de base electrónica reduciendo al mínimo el uso de productos, y ello por coste y comodidad de aplicación. 
En fín Sonia, que agradeceré tus indicaciones y consejos. Recibe un cordial saludo.
Félix Muñoz


Excelente Training Guide

Sonia, Leí  el Inergetix-CoRe SYSTEM TRAINING GUIDE que escribiste y me pareció excelente. Es una guía clara y precisa tanto para aquellos que empiezan a hacer análisis como para  aquellos con más experiencia ya que ofrece diferentes alternativas y caminos a seguir. Muchas gracias y felicidades! 

Cristina Arrendó, Mexico


Reparos sobre demo via internet

Gracias Sonia, aunque tenia mis reparos en cuanto a la demo via internet, me quede sorprendido de lo cercano y claro de tus explicaciones.  

Francisco Cabanillas, Chile


Me ha ayudado mucho lo que hemos platicado

Estimada Sonia,  Agradesco muchisimo tu disposicion al contestar mis preguntas, me encantaria poder entrar mas seguido al yahoo y a tus seciones pero por cuestiones de tiempo me es casi imposible.  Me considero afortunada de poder explorar el sistema como lo hago y con tu ayuda me ha sido mas facil.  Me ha ayudado mucho lo que hemos platicado pues yo no tengo tiempo que perder para averiguarlo tan lentamente, tengo muchas ganas de ir al seminario.  Gracias otra vez y estamos en contacto.

Julia, Mexico


Quiero agradecerte tus atenciones, me llegaron los discos ya que estoy muy contento con el servicio y tu equipo lo quiero acompletar.  Tengo el sistema life y lo voy a vender y asi te compro lo que me falta del sistema core ya pronto. mil gracias hoy

David, Mexico