Inergetix-CoRe System - software


It includes

  • Software CD, HASP Key and Hologram generator

  • Extensive database of over 100,000 items grouped by modality (see database description below)

  • Cyber Anatomy Body Scan module

  • Comprehensive downloadable Training Manual

  • Easy to follow Training website: CoReGuide

  • Free downloadable software updates within the same version

  • Technical support upon request

  • Membership in our international users forum

Applications & Benefits

  • The Inergetix-CoRe software accesses the informational field of the client, helping the practitioner make connections between the symptoms experienced and the results of the evaluations. 

  • It finds the underlying causes and contributors to a client's conditions and suggests solutions in various degrees of priorities. 

  • The resonant remedies can be communicated and /or imprinted into a physical substrate.

  • Work with different types of clients: human, animal, plant, home, garden, building, business, activity.

  • Extensive database of over 100,000 items grouped by modality. See the therapeutic modalities included below.

  • The system is open and can be customized according to your expertise and desire.

  • 90% reproducibility during the same session; therefore you can trust in the results

  • Transmit healing information and frequencies at a distance or in person

  • Imprint resonant remedies into any physical substrate (usually water/alcohol)

  • Create your own Protocols for frequent issues/conditions to speed up your analysis

  • Relational Protocol function with more than 1000 physical indications using natural and metaphysical healing modalities

  • Schedule automatic communication/balancing into the future

  • Print one page or multiple page reports in various format

CoRe System v6.0 Database Description

  • Acupuncture

​Meridians; Teeth; Scalp; Esoteric; Koryo Hand; Yin/Yang Points; Ear,  Master Tong; Floral Acupuncture; Homeopathic; Chinese Herbal Formulas: Ayurveda –Banyan Botanicals, Dr. Kang Herbs, Dragon Herbs, Evergreen Formulas, etc. Metaphysical: Deities, Kabala –Tree of Life, Power vs Force, Subtle Anatomy.

  • Affirmations

General; Affirmations on Action, Change, Decisions; Attitude; Being Yourself; Courage; Fear/ Gratitude; Habits, Money, Wealth, Security; Relationships/ Marriage; Money Issues; and by various authors.

  • Allergies & Sensitivities

General questions; Environmental Allergies, Environmental Sensitivities, Food Allergies; Food Sensitivities; Pollen Allergies; Pollen Sensitivities.

  • Aromatherapy       

  • Color Therapy

  • Crystal Essences: Pegasus; Pacific; General; Alaskan, Crystal Essences for specific purposes.

  • Detox: General detox issues, remedies, mental/emotional.  Organ specific; Issue specific; solutions.

  • Emotional Reaction

Avoiding conflict; Personalities; Emotional control; Depression; Despair; Guilt; Stress; Suppression;  Socially accepted response; Inability of letting-go; Insecurity; Intimidating others; Irrational Beliefs..

  • Emotional Reason

Basic Fear; Behavioral Chains; Concepts; Conflict; Core Beliefs; Cultural Belief system; Difficulties; Education; Family issues; Fear of Rejection; Fear of Success; Grief and Loss; Low Self Esteem ..

  • Emotional Resolution

Accepting Powerlessness; Acting Out; Change-Motivation; Communication; Change old reaction pattern;  Detachment;  Increase courage;  Increase Bonding; Inner Child;  Increase compassion..

  • Essences

Alaskan Essences; Perelandra essences; Tree Essences; Ancient Forest; Australian Bush; Cosmic Eurythmy; Whole Energy; Wild Earth Animal  Essences; Meditation Remedies; Pacific Sea...

  • Flower Essences

  • Alaskan; General; Clear Path; Living Light; Delta Gardens; Findhorn; Australian Bush; Fes; Bach Flowers; Whole Energy; Healing Herbs; Pacific Essences; Master's Essences; Pegasus Rose Essences

  • Healing Systems

General questions; Feng Shui; Ayurvedic Doshas; Taoist Exercises;  Mantras;  Cranio-sacral Therapy; Healing Systems; Meridian Clock.

  • Homeopathy

Complex Remedies; Complex Powell; Gemmotherapy; Grandgeorge Book Remedies; Small Materia Medica; Large Materia Medica; Sarcodes; Heel; Nosodes-Heel;  Dolisos Oligostom; Shuesser Salts.

  • Indicators

Risk factors; Stress factors; Toxicity; Treatment function; Well-being factors; Biochemical issues; Lifestyle issues. 

  • Natural Medicine

A-Z Natural medicines: contains about 10,000 natural remedies referenced in the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database  

  • Nutrition

Non-brand - general Vitamins, Minerals, Phytochemicals, Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Common Herbs, Greens, Amino Acids, Antioxidants. Sports Nutrition; Weight Loss; Acid/Alkaline Forming foods...

  • Organs & Systems

Skeletal - Nervous – Muscular - Glandular -Respiratory - Dental - Circulatory - Digestive - Genitourinary -Senses

  • Organ Specific Remedies

Natural remedies for: Gallbladder;  Eye;  Liver;  Urinary;  Mouth;  Heart;  Nasal;  Kidney;  Vaginal;  Lung; Brain; Muscle;  Foot;  Face;  Genital;  Oral;  Head;  Joints;  Pancreas;  Chest;  Hair;  Ear;  Colon... 

  • Pathogens

Bacteria; Fungi; Helmins & Protozoa; Viruses & Prions; Pathogens, Toxins, Vaccines. 

  • Physiological categories

Immune Factors; Chromosomes; Internal Secretions; Aging Factors; Nerves; Muscles; Organ Systems; Neurotransmitters; Urine;  Pathology;  Blood Pressure;  Vertebrae, Nerve, Brain Imbalances;  Hormones; Internal Glands & Organs; Blood Factors; Bones; Dental isodes, nosodes,

  • Relationships (human)

  • Supplements

Ultimate Nutrition;  Udo's Choice; Weil; Webber Naturals; West Coast Naturals; PVL; Prairie Naturals; Renew Life and others…

  • Symptom Specific Remedies

Natural remedies for: Incontinence; Pneumonia; Toothache; Pertussis; Sinusitis; Psoriasis; Sprains; Shingles; Stress; Worms; Sweating; Stomach Pain; Tinnitus; Stroke; Tuberculosis; Thrombosis; Hypoglycemia; Impotence; Vaginitis; Vertigo; Warts; Weight Loss; Women's Health; Atherosclerosis..

  • Veterinary for pets (cats/dogs), horses, cattle, birds, pigs

TCM Treatment; Acupuncture-Ear, Yang/Yin Points; Ting-Points;  Traditional;  Transpositional;  Conditions-Biomechanics; Digestive; Musculoskeletal;  Reproductive;  Meridians; Chinese Herbs.

Optional Databases

  • Cyber Anatomy Body Scan

    • Evaluates body organs and systems and balances in 3-D by communicating resonant information to specific parts of body’s organs and systems in real time.  This works like homeopathic Sarcodes in that it communicates messages of healthy tissue to give the body a blueprint of proper function. It is used to help with detoxification, to open up the body to receive informational remedies and energetic therapy as well as to revitalize. 


  • Michael J. Lincoln’s screens

  • Virtual EDS/TCM (Electro-Dermal Screening/Traditional Chinese Medicine)
    This module is very much like the Acugraph from Miridia except that the CoRe system generates the 24 measurements.  It is used for diagnostics only indicating to the practitioner where to apply the acupuncture electrode, needles or acupressure.


  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing)

This program is used as a positive visualization tool with options to choose image, sound, phrase and music to be displayed. It is used to alleviate stress and open the mind/emotions at the beginning or end of a session.


  • Other custom groups

Ask about custom groups on Metaphysics, Hanna Kroeger, Feng Shui, NAET, Agriculture, etc.