Frequency System

Software programs

Single Channel Frequency


Pre-programmed frequencies according to Rife for over 1000 conditions.

Great advantage: the CoRe algorithm evaluates to find the most resonant frequencies from this list.

Items included

  • Health/Spirit Navigator device

  • Stainless steel hand electrodes (pair)

  • Magnetic Disc

  • Mind Resonator LED eyeglasses

  • Software Key and Hologram Generator

  • Software: Single Channel Frequency (RIFE) Therapy program

  • Software: Dual Channel Resonant Frequency Therapy program

Applications & Benefits

  • Energize and regenerate the body's cells to improve immunity, mitochondrial function and vitality.
  • Address mental and emotional issues, depression, stress
  • Create harmony, baance, order and energy
  • Use the Single Channel Frequency Therapy program with over 8000 pre-programmed frequencies according to Royal Rife for over 1000 conditions.  Using the CoRe algorithm evaluate and identify the most suitable frequencies from within the pre-programmed frequencies for your client which gives you a great advantage over only using general frequencies for anyone with a particular condition.

  • Use the Dual Channel Frequency Therapy program to find the most resonant frequencies, specific to the client in the moment and according to the symptoms entered.

  • Regulate, balance and optimize energetic treatment with physical energy carriers in the form of sound, electricity, magnetism and light.

  • Customize the Single Frequency program adding frequencies according to new experience or research.

  • In Dual Frequency Therapy manually choose from:

    • SCALES: Chromatic Dorian, Dominant Pentatonic, Harmonic Major, Pyramid Hexatonic, Symmetrical Decanotic

    • SEQUENCES: Fibonacci numbers, Harmonic ore numbers, Harmonic primes, Keplers tree of harmonics, Leibniz harmonics triangle, Phytagoras small, Solfeggio.


    • HARMONIC INTERFERENCE: Fundalmental Harmonics, Golden mean/Divine proportion, Harmonics mundi, Equally tempered musical proportions

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