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We are an international company dedicated to the spread of informational and energetic medicine through the use of the Inergetix-CoRe system software and Health Navigator devices.  We provide support and customer service to users throughout the world.  Our mission is to share tools and resources that enhance life, health and well being and to help you take your healing practice to new levels. 

Kiran Schmidt



Kiran is the chief scientist, inventor and instigator of the CoRe & Health Navigator systems.  He is a physicist and a homeopath, a lover of life and a world traveler.

Andrea Gadducci

World Wide distributor


Electronic Engineer, expert in Biomedical and Quantum-Biophysical Methods,
co-founder and owner of Bio-t - Technologies for Life, co-creator of MEDCAM
International Congress of Complementary and Integrated Medicines and Holistic Sciences.

Ezio Luccini

Technical Support Specialist


Based in California, Ezio will guide you on all software and hardware installation issues.  He uses Teamviewer to access your computer when necessary.