We present three advanced systems (informational, biofeedback, bioresonance)
that address the physical, biochemical, structural levels of health as well as
the informational, mental, emotional aspects behind imbalance.
Discover underlying causes and connections with a multi-discipline approach
using an extensive database which is open and customizable.  
Use physical energy carriers (sound, electricity, light and magnetism) with frequency therapy
for specific conditions according to Rife and Clarke or 
use resonant, client-specific frequencies unique to each client. 
CoRe Informational System

The CIS software program identifies under-lying causes and contributors to a client's condition using many modalities and it balances in person or at a distance.

Frequency System

The Health Navigator device regulates with biofeedback using Single Channel RIFE Frequency Therapy and Dual Channel Resonant Frequency Therapy specific to the client.

Bioresonance System

The BioLaeser and Integrator devices perform bioresonance therapy reading the body's energies, amplifying them and feeding them back into the body. 

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